Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Inside Winter Essentials

Inside Winter Essentials
Here are some things that have been fun to have around this week as we've been homebound with the roads too icy to travel. Sammy has been holding up remarkably well. He's currently napping so I thought I would do a quick update on our winter storm. 
We've had a lot of snow. The roads are solid ice. Usually with snow it isn't too cold so things don't really shut down. The ice melt won't help so here we are - at home. It has been pretty fun overall. 
1) Bubbles! If it is freezing out, you can blow them and they freeze. Cool science experiment and fun outside activity. It is good to get out for a little bit when you've been inside for days. 
2) Robe! Sammy and I wear robes inside because we just get cold. Target has great mom and kiddo ones ones on sale. It really helps as my husband doesn't love it very warm.
3) Thomas movies. I use netflix and prime mostly. Its nice to have a spare and a portable DVD in case you lose power or need to entertain the kids for a bit. 
4) Good reading material. I like to read Sammy a lot of books to help with his vocab. I try to get a new book on my bi-weekly shopping trips.
5) Good fleece jammies. I love the ones from Carters. I do not size up- these fit very true to size for us. Its nice to put snow boots over and he is a little warmer. He can't really stay outside long but just a few minutes here and there to break up the cabin fever. 
6) Glass Water Bottle. These are so handy. They do not leak and hold a good deal of water. I noticed we have a hard time keeping hydrated when we're basically confined to smaller spaces. 
7) "New" toys. I generally keep back several of his birthday and Christmas toys to reintroduce when we're stuck indoors. It keeps him better at playing with what he has and its nice not to have as much floating around. 

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